Best of 2020 Footwear Awards

We have nearly made it through 2020! And to celebrate, we put together our first annual “Best of 2020” awards to honor the shoes that we’ve been loving this year!

Selecting the winners was not easy as there are so many great options in the ever-expanding natural footwear market. We hope this list helps you in deciding what footwear to wear in the upcoming year. If you are looking for your next pair of shoes, check out our Shoe Finder to see many of the options currently available. Also, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below on which shoes you think should have made the list.

Best Men's Dress Shoe

For those of you who have to put pants and shoes on for work (ie those not working from home) this shoe is a great way to have comfort and style in one. Ra II is light and flexible with a true minimalistic feel. Congratulations Vivobarefoot!

Best Women's Dress Shoe

In the words of Anya’s Reviews, this shoe is a “unicorn in the barefoot shoe world”. It comes in three amazing color/pattern options and is not only ultra comfortable, but also super fashionable. If you’re looking for a versatile shoe that can be dressed up or down, look no further! Congratulations Lisbeth Joe!

Best Men's Casual Shoe

This minimal shoe will let you move in style as nature intended. We love the natural foot-shaped toe box and the durable, yet flexible sole of this shoe. Congrats Unshoes!

Best Women's Casual Shoe

Besides the clean look of this shoe, we love that it is easy to slip on and has (as the name suggests) that awesome ground feel! Congratulations Feelgrounds!

Best Sandal

We consider a basic huarache sandal an essential for healthy feet fanatics and while there are so many amazing options, we love Shamma for their comfortable and easy adjustable strapping system and for their ultra flexible soles! In our opinion, they are the best out there!

Best Winter Boots

Be Lenka winter boots combine the most important features of natural footwear with the functionality of a cold weather boot. They are ultra wide in the toe box, water resistant, lined with warm wool, and so soft. It’s easy to see why they are a favorite.

Best Kid's Casual Shoe

Just like Kix Cereal, these shoes are kid-tested, mother-approved! They’re easy for kids to quickly don with one simple velcro strap and have endured the test of time with incredible durability. Splay shoes are affordable, flexible, and spacious. What more could you want!

Best Kid's Athletic Shoe (Big Kids Sizes Only)

There’s a reason the reviews give them 5 out of 5 stars! These shoes are carefully shaped to fit kids’ feet for ultra comfort and functionality. The sole is thin and flexible with great grip, making it the perfect shoe for running, jumping, kicking, pivoting, and other stuff like that. 😉 Thanks Xero Shoes!

Best Sneaker

The best sneaker of 2020 award goes to Lems Primal 2. We all agree that this quality shoe deserves the accolades! Besides being an aesthetically pleasing shoe, the Primal 2 is a comfortable shoe that promotes natural movement. It’s durable and will protect your foot while giving it freedom without arch support or rigid soles.

Best Cross Trainer

You wouldn’t think “comfortable” would be a word to describe a shoe that doesn’t have a super thick cushioned sole, and yet this shoe is comfortable! The fact that your feet can move around freely makes it a winner. We love the new ombré colors of this durable shoe. Built by Xero to last, use it for running on the road or for hitting up the gym!

Best Running Shoe

We’ve got quite a few runners in our group and most of us do our long distance runs in Altras! The Escalante is one of Altra’s thinner soled shoes, but does give you that bit of cushion for when it’s needed! This running shoe is of course zero drop and has a roomy toe box. Thanks Altra Running for being our go-to running shoe!

Most Innovative Shoe

Our top pick for most innovative shoe of 2020 goes to Wildling’s Washi shoes!

If you haven’t heard about these amazing shoes yet, yes, you read it right: they are made out of paper! Washi is a durable and lightweight Japanese paper used on the upper and the insoles of these magical shoes. Washi is not only robust and breathable, but it also dries quickly, making this a great shoe for whatever adventures you may undertake.

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