Our Top 4 Picks for Healthy Kids’ Shoes

Healthy shoes for growing feet are key to preventing so many of the foot issues we face as adults. Podiatrists recommend babies start out wearing thin, flexible shoes with plenty of room in the toes.  But what shoes are best for kids? 

The Healthy Feet Alliance recommends the same type of shoes for kids as for babies! Shoes with a thin and flat sole and a natural foot-shaped toe box allow growing feet to bend and move naturally like when they are barefoot! 

It is so much easier to start your kids out in healthy footwear, than to undo the damage caused by a lifetime of rigid and restrictive shoes. So, what are our favorite kids’ shoes here at the Alliance?

Splay Shoes

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to a skate shoe for your child, Splay shoes are a great and affordable choice! They have laces or a velcro option for easy donning.  And, their signature natural-shaped toe box allows those toes to splay– hence, the name! If you want a pair for yourself, you’re in luck; they come in adult sizes too! However, they come with a warning– once your kid tries these on, they will not want to wear any other shoes!

Splay’s EXPLORE shoes

Wildling Shoes

These beautifully crafted shoes are lightweight and super flexible.  Wildling shoes are perfect for allowing your child to move freely and comfortably.  Check out their website for all the fun color combinations! 

Wildling’s Toucan

Vivobarefoot Primus II

The Primus II School shoe is a great alternative to the standard issue, stiff and rigid school uniform shoe.  Vivobarefoot succeeds in making a stylish shoe that meets all of our health standards we expect from a shoe.  They are thin, flexible, zero drop, and have a friendly toe box! Check out their other non-school uniform options here.

Vivobarefoot’s Primus School II

Altra- Kōkiri

If you’re looking for something that has more cushion, but still has a naturally flat sole, check out Altra’s kids’ shoes.  The Kōkiri has plenty of room for toes and is great for your little runner.  This shoe also features a removable insole, to make room for growing feet!  

Altra’s Youth Kōkori

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