Starting on Your Barefoot Health Journey with Jeff Shub

Barefoot journey

You are about to start on your barefoot health journey.  What do you do? Where do you start? What are the best shoes and techniques? There really is no right answer to these questions. Dr. Jeff Shub of Urban Barefoot discusses what you can expect with the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of starting this journey.


The path to barefoot health is a matter of reconnecting with your body and relearning how to use it in a natural way.  Even if you started on this path years ago, you will be continuously experimenting and learning.  Just observing your feet is a good place to begin. We tend to ignore our feet since they are so far from our eyes and usually covered up.  Notice what they look like, how they move, how they evolve over time.   You will be amazed to discover that you already have built in you all the things you need to move through this world.

You may run into pain and frustrations.  This is not uncommon! It is expected to have some discomfort as your body transforms back to it’s natural shape.  That’s okay.  Keep experimenting and finding out what steps or exercises your body needs to move freely.

Also, make sure to tune in to your other joints that participate in walking or running.  How do they feel? It will be a new experience just noticing them.  So, keep researching, asking questions and learning.


From a mental aspect, there’s an incredible level of presence that comes from being barefoot.  Feet are powerful sensors with thousands of nerve endings that send a lot of feedback to the brain. When you’re walking barefoot or wearing barefoot shoes, you’re more tuned in, because you have to pay attention when you are feeling everything.


On this journey you will feel empowered as you regain your relationship with your body.  It may start simply as a means to take care of your feet in a natural way, but it can spill over into all aspects of your life.  Your body’s needs will become more intuitive, and being in tune with yourself in this way can give you confidence and purpose. 

Lastly, grounding (or earthing) occurs when your bare skin is connected with the surface of the earth. As electrical beings, we get recharged from this contact with the earth, which acts as a mega battery. Earthing has been shown to cause many processes in the body to heal and correct themselves. So don’t forget to get outside and take off your shoes to allow this process to take place.

Don’t give up

As you embark on this barefoot pathway, you will run into resistance; resistance from yourself or resistance from others.  Maintain your belief that you’re doing the right thing for yourself.  And, as you work on yourself, eventually you will inspire others to take action and also follow their path to a healthy and natural body.

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