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The Healthy Feet Alliance is a global community of podiatrists, sports medicine professionals, natural footwear pioneers, biomechanics experts, and health fanatics united by a common mission.

Our mission is to bring the power of natural foot health to the masses by connecting people with: educational resources, natural-minded health professionals, and products that promote foot health.

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Reclaim your foot health

 The best way to deal with foot pain is to strengthen your feet and restore their natural alignment.

The constant use of overly-supportive footwear (with narrow toe boxes), orthotics, arch support, and other external braces allows the muscles in the feet to weaken. Weak feet lead to pain and injuryCommon foot issues that may result include: plantar fasciosis, bunions, flat feet, hammertoes, in-grown toe nails, etc.

If you’re ready to start reclaiming your foot health, this is the place to start! Check out our FREE guide: The 3 Steps to Pain-Free Feet.

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Want Help Fixing your feet?

Our Directory of Health Professionals can help connect you with local health pros who are committed to natural foot care. Each of the members listed in the directory has committed to the Healthy Feet Manifesto.

One of our goals at the Healthy Feet Alliance is to unite all of the natural-minded health professionals from around the globe.

Use our Directory of Health Professionals to find a health provider near you.

Find Better Shoes

The simplest way to strengthen your feet is to go barefoot or wear natural footwear. Natural footwear is often referred to as: minimalist shoes, barefoot shoes, anatomic footwear, or functional footwear.

No matter what you call these shoes, there are three features they must have:

  1. Foot-Shaped Toe Box – The toe box of the shoe should be wide to allow the toes to splay naturally. 
  2. No Heel Rise – The entire foot should rest at the same level. The heel should not be higher than the toes. This promotes natural posture and movement.
  3. Flexible Sole (without excessive cushion) – The shoe should flex and move naturally as the foot moves. Cushion should be limited to the least amount needed for any activity. 

We have gathered some of our favorite shoes and brands together in our Shoe Finder. This tool will allow you to sort and filter so you can identify the perfect pair of shoes.

Straight from the experts

A top down view of a row of barefoot shoes with the text "How To Pick Your First Pair of Barefoot Shoes"

Barefoot shoes – How to Pick Your First Pair

So you’ve decided to try barefoot shoes. But where do you even begin? Transitioning to barefoot shoes is a process and it can feel overwhelming at first. Let’s take the first step toward healthy feet and get your first pair of minimalist shoes!

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Orthotics May Be Doing More Harm Than Good

We have to evolve. Dr. Irene Davis, a renowned researcher in biomechanics, made this statement. She added that we, particularly as runners and athletes, must progress from our typical thoughts about training, which have seemingly remained stagnant for some time in an endless cycle of ritual.  In much the same way, our beliefs and practices

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The Best Footwear For Any Activity

by the Urban Barefoot, Jeff Shub, MD Whether it’s soccer or basketball, hiking or rock climbing, there is a specialized shoe on the market for every sport.  For instance, hiking shoes are typically high topped boots with deep tread and rigid soles to offer the ankle and foot extra support for traversing rough terrain. Basketball

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Why You Should Care About Your Feet

What’s the big deal about feet? Yes, those things way down there at the end of your legs.  When is the last time you took a moment to really look at them?  Most of us don’t give a second thought about our feet, what they’re capable of, or how much we rely on them to

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Starting on Your Barefoot Health Journey with Jeff Shub

Barefoot journey You are about to start on your barefoot health journey.  What do you do? Where do you start? What are the best shoes and techniques? There really is no right answer to these questions. Dr. Jeff Shub of Urban Barefoot discusses what you can expect with the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of

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The Simple Path to Healthy Feet with Nick St. Louis

Healthy feet Starting on the path to developing healthy feet can feel overwhelming at times.  With so many aspects of foot care, where do you start?  Nick St. Louis of The Foot Collective has boiled it down to three simple steps: protect, correct, and develop.  When foot care is approached through this lens, the path

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